Evening of Haunts at the Penitentiary
25 Oct 06:00 PM
Until 25 Oct, 10:00 PM 4h

Evening of Haunts at the Penitentiary

🎃 Embrace the Thrills of Halloween: Join Us for a Spooky Night at Eastern State Penitentiary with a Dispensary Visit on October 25th! 🌙🕷️

Greetings, brave souls!

October 25th beckons with a night of spine-tingling adventure that you won't want to miss. Join us for Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary, paired with a visit to a premier dispensary. Prepare for a night of eerie excitement and camaraderie that promises unforgettable memories! 🕯️🌿

📅 Date: October 25th 🌙 Time: 6pm - 10pm

🚗 Itinerary:

  • Evening: Meetup and Dispensary Visit

  • Late Night: Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

📍 Meeting Point: TBD

🌿 Dispensary Preparations: Our adventure commences in the evening with a visit to the dispensary. Before the night's chills take over, explore a selection of premium cannabis products, adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening ahead.

🕯️ Halloween Thrills: As darkness falls, we'll make our way to Eastern State Penitentiary. Immerse yourself in a world of haunted attractions, eerie exhibits, and the spine-tingling atmosphere of this legendary site.

🎃 Night of Scares: Navigate through the haunting corridors, encounter chilling scenes, and immerse yourself in the terror and thrill of Halloween Nights. Join fellow thrill-seekers in a night that will test your courage and spark your senses.

💥 Limited Spots: This electrifying journey has limited availability. Secure your spot now for a night of spine-chilling encounters and bonding with fellow enthusiasts.

Join us on October 25th for a night that embodies the spirit of Halloween and the wonders of cannabis. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary, explore haunted realms, and share in the thrill of the night with kindred spirits.

To a night of heart-pounding scares, camaraderie, and the magic of Halloween!