At The Greener Institute, we are dedicated to educating and assisting you on your journey towards a healthier life. We are advocates for better living with the help of legal cannabis and helping you get your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card as quickly and easily as possible.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

The PA Department of Health has specific guidelines that allow a medical marijuana card. The Greener Institute can help you understand the qualifying conditions, your illegibility, and expedite the process with 3 easy steps to obtain your PA medical marijuana card.

Click to view the list of Qualifying Medical Conditions to apply for and receive a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania.

Medical Marijuana Education


The Greener Institute hosts educational events to the public as well as member only events. Some events include Cooking with Cannabis, Vaporizers for Concentrates and Flower, and Rosin Press Demonstrations.


One of the benefits we offer to patients who secure a a medical marijuana card through The Greener Institute is membership. Members get access to educational material, bonus content such as recipes, and member only events and demonstrations.

Medical Marijuana Guide

In addition to helping you secure your MMJ PA card, we are here to guide and educate you in the legal and proper use of your Marijuana. We offer the following guide to assist your usage. Please contact us with any questions and we are happy to assist you.

  1. ECS (Endocannabinoid System)
  2. Strains and the Medical Effects of Indica & Sativa
  3. Cannabis Concentrates
  4. Cannabinoids and the Relationship Between THC & CBD
  5. Delivery Methods and Types of Concentrates & Oil Cartridges
  6. Effects of Edibles by Dosage and Tolerance
  7. Cooking with Cannabis