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GMO Flower: Hybrid. 29% Potency. Under 0.3% delta 9 farm bill compliant.
Introducing GMO: containing 29% THCA and a potent indica-dominant hybrid born from Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. This strain offers euphoric highs and deep relaxation, with a distinct garlic flavor and diesel aroma. Ideal for relieving pain, depression, and nausea. Click here for COA

Trop Cherry Flower: Hybrid. 26% Potency. Under 0.3% delta 9 farm bill compliant.
Introducing Trop Cherry: containing 26% THCA and a captivating blend of Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies. With deep purple hues from Tropicana and subtle earthy notes from Cherry, it offers a delightful mix of fruity and diesel flavors. Its flowering stage reveals striking purple tones, culminating in resinous, uplifting buds. A sativa-leaning strain for a euphoric experience. Click here for COA

Gummies: 10mg Delta-9 and 100mg CBD per Gummy.
Our Delta-9 is derived from hemp and is Farm Bill compliant, making it legal for adults 21 and up. Our gummies are made with Pectin and are 100% vegan, 100% lab tested, and made in the USA! Click here for COA.

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Trop Cherry Flower and Gummies, GMO Flower and Gummies