PA Brands Offering RSO

  • Agri-Kind
  • Calypso
  • Cresco
  • Double Bear
  • Dr. Solomon’s
  • FarmaceuticalRx
  • Grassroots
  • INSA
  • Organic Remedies
  • Penn Health Group
  • Prime Wellness
  • Pure Penn
  • Remedi
  • Revel
  • Standard Farms
  • Terrapin
  • Trulieve
  • Vytal Options

What is RSO?

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is an oil derived from cannabis. Rather than using solvents that strip trichomes, RSO contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and additional compounds found in the cannabis plant. It was created and named after Rick Simpson as a medicinal therapeutic for cancer and other chronic health conditions after he used it to treat his skin cancer.

The versatility—used topically or ingested—and benefits of RSO can be used for a multitude of conditions. However, the substance has a strong flavor and is very thick which creates challenges in accurate dosing.

Using RSO to make edibles gives you incredible control over dosage. This allows those with chronic pain or other ailments to specifically target their issues with doses that can last, on average, between 4-6 hours (great for pain management)! We also recommend micro-dosing for those just beginning so you can figure out what strength your body needs and help build your tolerance up.

Why Ingest?

The primary reasons to ingest are accurate dosing and long-lasting relief for a predetermined, set period. The ability to control dosing is imperative to properly treat a condition. Once a patient is able to determine their dosage through the practice of microdosing the treatments can become routine.

Selecting an RSO

Due to the duration of the medication, it is important to take into consideration the amount of indica and sativa in each blend, as well as the individual terpenes. For example, an RSO high in indica and CBD tends to lead to lethargy whereas a sativa can lead to increased energy, so the time of day you plan to take your medication is an important factor to consider when making your RSO selection.

Anxiety disorders are often treated with 1:1 ratio THC:CBD. They tend to create a strong relaxed feel and assist in sleeping and calming down against a panicked state. 

Chronic pain disorders are generally treated with high THC indica strains, sometimes coupled with CBD. If you need to medicate during the day, it is good to have a sativa-leaning blend to fill in the daylight hours.


  • Accurate Dosing Control
  • Affordability
  • Longer-Lasting Relief
  • Easy to Use