Recreational and medical marijuana, especially when used by minors, is still shrouded in stigma to many groups of people. For generations, parents and school assemblies have warned about the dangers of the substance—how it’s a gateway drug and will ruin your life, as well as the lives of the people around you. Well, research and studies prove otherwise. Cannabis can be an incredibly powerful medicine, especially for those under 18!

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you believe you could benefit from the use of medical marijuana. But determining whether or not it could help you is the easy part… the hard part is figuring out how to talk to your parents about the possibility of using medical marijuana! 

Medical Marijuana for Minors

When you’re young, it seems like everything in your life is out of your control. If you’re struggling with a condition like anxiety, depression, autism, cancer, or PTSD, among many others, it can feel like everyone in your life, from your parents and friends to doctors and other medical professionals, is making your decisions for you. 

At The Greener Institute, we believe that everyone should feel empowered to take their health into their own hands—even those under the age of 18. After all, we each know ourselves and our bodies best. 

Over the past several years, medical marijuana has been proven to be a groundbreaking treatment for a number of health conditions and illnesses. We recently discussed the benefits of cannabis for autism and spoke at length at how the use of medical marijuana had a profound effect on the quality of life for autistic children. 

Medical marijuana has also been a life-changer for children undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. It restores their appetite, allowing for weight gain and proper nourishment, diminishes nausea, and alleviates pain so that they can begin to feel like themselves again. 

Talking to Your Parents

The first step to opening a discussion about medical marijuana with your parents or legal guardian is approaching the topic as informed as possible. It is virtually impossible to have a productive conversation regarding a topic you know little about. You parents or guardians will be impressed that you’ve taken the time to look into the subject and be inclined to take you more seriously. 

Research how medical marijuana can benefit the condition(s) you have, the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis interacts with our bodies (did you know that we have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies already?!), and the different ways to consume cannabis and the benefits of each. The last point can be especially important because many older generations equate marijuana to smoking, which has negative connotations attached. 

Additionally, it’s also essential that you remove emotions from the equation and speak with a level head. We understand that this can be difficult, especially because it pertains to your health, life, and general wellbeing. You are undoubtedly passionate about the subject, but becoming emotional will hinder your chance at being heard. 

Last, but not least, reassure your parents or guardians that they will not be left out in the cold. This process will involve them—it has to, legally. Currently, those under 18 can be certified to use medical marijuana, but are unable to be cardholders themselves. Instead, they must have a caregiver to purchase and administer the substance on their behalf. One of your parents or guardians will be that caregiver, and so they will be involved in your medical marijuana journey. 

Parents seldom want to “ruin the lives” of their children, though it can feel that way at times. Most often, parents want to be involved in their child’s lives. If you let them know that this is an experience that would benefit you, but one that can be accomplished together, they will be more likely to come onboard. 

If you or your parents/guardians, have questions about the certification process and the PA caregiver program, please call 833-888-5323. If you’ve successfully talked to your parents about using medical marijuana, you can go here to schedule a virtual appointment

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