Terpenes are secreted alongside cannabinoids like THC and CBD and are responsible for many of the distinguishing characteristics of different strains. Terpenes are organic, aromatic compounds found in oils of all flowers, including cannabis. Naturally produced to attract beneficial insects and repel predators, terpenes emit strong smells and flavor and change based on various growing conditions. The most interesting aspect of terpenes is their ability to work alongside cannabinoids found in the plant. Various research has hinted that terpenes can modify the effect of THC on your body and impact a strains’ potency. For example, you could have two strains at 16% THC but they could smell and taste different and also have different effects, because of the terpenes. It’s also been reported terpenes can modify how much THC passes through the blood-brain barrier, with their influence even reaching as far as to regulate neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in your brain. 

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